Promoseven Holdings was established in July 1989 by the Founder and Chairman, Mr. Akram Miknas. Promoseven Holdings is the parent company for some of the leading marketing communications, hospitality and real estate companies that dominate the Middle East and North African region.

Marketing & Advertising

Some of the world’s most prominent marketing and advertising agencies come under the Promoseven Holdings banner, which is part of the MCN (Middle East Communication Network) Holding network. MCN Holdings forms a major part of the Promoseven Holdings group and it is 51% owned by the Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) and 49% by the Miknas family.


The P7H’s hospitality division consists of the Lebanese McDonald’s franchise and some of the finest restaurants and nightspots in Bahrain and UAE. The hospitality division of Promoseven Holdings is operated by Seven Leisure which manages Coral Bay, JJ’s Irish Restaurant and Camelot in Bahrain as well as Casserole and Café Lila in Dubai.

Real Estate

The real estate wing of the P7H includes strategic investments in Australia and the United Kingdom along with some major real estate projects in Bahrain, UAE and Lebanon. Promoseven Pty. Ltd. – another key division of the Promoseven Holdings network, handles real estate investments in Australia.


Various other investments are made by the Promoseven Holdings group which range from interests in shipping industry to construction and so forth.

The closed end joint stock company holds all investments made by Mr. Miknas and includes investments made in advertising and public relation, hospitality and real estate projects. In late 2003, a policy change was introduced to ensure that all assets and liabilities are grouped under the P7H legal structure.

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