This is the Miknas story. It is a story of an iceberg, really. You see success, you see achievement, you see formation. What you see, of course, as they say, is the tip. What you don’t see is the hard work, the dedication, the perseverance, the enthusiasm and the relentless passion.

The Miknas story is about depth, of solid foundations, of strength, and of vision – all built with determination and grit.

Like an iceberg – which, interestingly  is made of freshwater glacial ice that floats independent of glacial mass – we see that this story has a unique combination of  elements that set it apart from the rest – curiosity, intellect, acumen, and loyalty.

This is not a personal blog  –  it is a curation of the many posts, reviews, comments and interviews about him, his family, his business and more. Yet, it remains the tip of the iceberg. It’s just the bits we see…

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