Flydubai 7

Fly Dubai’s early flight to Bahrain from Dubai departs Terminal 2 at 710am. Abed and Ronnie are both at the airport on time, they’re flying to Bahrain for a pitch – they work at one of MCN’s agencies. Except they’re flying Gulf Air. Business.

It’s an hour and fifteen minutes from wheels up to wheels down. Flying Business is not usual for MCN folks usually for short duration flights. Just doesn’t make dollars and sense. Specially when oil is down to the near bottom of the barrel price wise, and every one seems to be talking about a ‘correction’. But the client’s paying, and Gulf Air is a good airline.

Lattes in hand, Abed and Ronnie are ambling towards their check in counter when they see Akram. The Chairman. Small carry on in hand, Akram’s headed back to Bahrain – his operative HQ. But Akram’s not moving towards the Gulf Air counter. He is headed for the counters that say Fly Dubai. The alternative airline.

Akram can afford to fly any airline, Row 1. He can afford a Lear jet. But this time the front seats on Fly Dubai were sold out, and he is totally at peace with sitting in the back. That’s just him. Akram, not miserly – not stupid either. Akram, who can look a one hour fifteen minute flight in the eye and just settle for whatever is needed to get him across. No fuss. No hot breakfasts. And no problem.